Data and Documentation for G-Econ Project

The documents in this file provide data and information on the G-Econ data set as of May 2006 (GEcon 1.3).


  1. Detailed description of derivation of G-Econ data (William Nordhaus, Qazi Azam, David Corderi, Kyle Hood, Nadejda Makarova Victor, Mukhtar Mohammed, Alexandra Miltner, and Jyldyz Weiss)
  2. Description of Environmental Variables (Kyle Hood)
  3. Description of GEcon2.11 data (Xi Chen)

Data sets:

  1. Spreadsheet from 2006 data set (GEcon 1.3).
  2. Spreadsheet with updated data from December 2008 (GEcon 2.11).
  3. Spreadsheet with preliminary data for GEcon 4.0 (May 2011).
  4. The country files are found, click here. This contains folders for each country. Each folder has the three file types described above. (Note that most country files are unchanged since 2006. See description under “Description,” paper 3.


  • Europe
  • US

Rotating globes:

  • Smoothed: northern hemisphere
  • Smoothed: southern hemisphere
  • Unsmoothed: northern exposure